Hector Miranda

I'm a highly motivated Enterprise Software Engineer with extensive experience in developing scalable and extendable solutions based on .Net, Mono, Python and Java. If you’ve got an exciting project, get in touch with me! I'm hardworking, self-starter with excellent analytical problem-solving skills.

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About me

About Hector Miranda

Who Am I?

I’m a single Mexican guy called Hector. I was born, raised and educated in Xalapa, a small city in the Southeast of Mexico.

What I do

I’m one of the many people who were lured into studying computers by the prospect of a guaranteed job, oodles of cash and early retirement :-P, well… not really I actually never thought about making a career of it, when my sister got her first computer I was 13 and I would play with it all day, it turned out I wasn’t too bad with techie stuff, getting a degree in computer science was rather easy.


Since I’m Mexican and too apathetic to break the stereotype, you’ll regularly find me eating tacos, gorditas and enchiladas.

For as long as I can remember I have been very fond of reading. My favorite authors include Gary Jennings, Dante Alighieri, Cardenas Cantu and many more. I also spend a great deal of time reading news sites such as Reforma, El Universal, Techcrunch, Engagdet and Gizmodo.

Likes & Dislikes

Just like a porn star (but without the good looks), I’ve my own set of likes and dislikes…

Likes: Friends, cats, coronas, rock music, fast web connections, socializing, nice people, concerts, google, pizza, microwaves, mobile phones, squash, free stuff, technology, learning new things, gadgets, rewarding jobs, casual dress-codes, pay rises, good books, thai food, Christmas, fireworks, independence, sleeping in, orange juice, long weekends, good websites, the cinema, mp3s, ren & stimpy.

Dislikes: Awkward silences, broken hearts :(,  interviews, arrogant bouncers, indecision, hard-drive failures, insomnia, saying something stupid, a guilty conscience, boredom, sexism, funerals, complications, bad breath, rain, first dates, religious fanatics, eggs, bad kissers, mimes, spam.

Do you like photography?

I do and a lot!, feel free to visit my photography website 

Thank you

Hector Miranda