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About me

About Hector Miranda

Who Am I?

I’m a single Mexican guy called Hector. I was born, raised and educated in Xalapa, a small city in the Southeast of Mexico.

What I do

I’m one of the many people who were lured into studying computers by the prospect of a guaranteed job, oodles of cash and early retirement :-P, well… not really I actually never thought about making a career of it, when my sister got her first computer I was 13 and I would play with it all day, it turned out I wasn’t too bad with techie stuff, getting a degree in computer science was rather easy.


Since I’m Mexican and too apathetic to break the stereotype, you’ll regularly find me eating tacos, gorditas and enchiladas.

For as long as I can remember I have been very fond of reading. My favorite authors include Gary Jennings, Dante Alighieri, Cardenas Cantu and many more. I also spend a great deal of time reading news sites such as Reforma, El Universal, Techcrunch, Engagdet and Gizmodo.

Likes & Dislikes

Just like a porn star (but without the good looks), I’ve my own set of likes and dislikes…

Likes: Friends, cats, coronas, rock music, fast web connections, socializing, nice people, concerts, google, pizza, microwaves, mobile phones, squash, free stuff, technology, learning new things, gadgets, rewarding jobs, casual dress-codes, pay rises, good books, thai food, Christmas, fireworks, independence, sleeping in, orange juice, long weekends, good websites, the cinema, mp3s, ren & stimpy.

Dislikes: Awkward silences, broken hearts :(,  interviews, arrogant bouncers, indecision, hard-drive failures, insomnia, saying something stupid, a guilty conscience, boredom, sexism, funerals, complications, bad breath, rain, first dates, religious fanatics, eggs, bad kissers, mimes, spam.

Do you like photography?

I do and a lot!, feel free to visit my photography website 

Thank you

Hector Miranda